6: What do education vouchers have to do with health care

What do education vouchers have to do with health care?  (I hear you ask.)

Stated differently, why does a blog about healthcare mention education vouchers?

Well, education vouchers don’t really have much to do with healthcare, except for one thing.  This short section follows the section about the problem with single payer because healthcare vouchers would appear to suffer one of the problems of single payer.

In my section discussing single payer, I mentioned the fact that we have lots of independent businesses who bill the system (government, whatever), and that this creates opportunities for fraud.

I see the same potential problem coming out of the education voucher program that has been discussed.  This arrangement would involve having lots of private schools who would collect money from the system (government, whatever) in exchange for (hopefully) educating children.  My concern is that this arrangement might cause the emergence of scam artists who would milk the system for the voucher dollars, but who would not actually provide quality educational services.  We might not end up getting value for our tax dollars.

It also occurs to me that this could create a billing scenario similar to the billing challenges that medical providers encounter.

A central theme of this blog is that we need to move away from third party billing arrangements in healthcare.  I would hate to see our educational community be pushed in that direction.

Of course, many other arguments have been made against (and for) education vouchers.  I won’t get into that, but I wanted to briefly mention a point that I haven’t heard voiced.